I'm not the cheapest, but I am probably one of the more experienced homeopaths in the area

I have been in practise since 1999 and during this time I have seen a large number of patients in a busy practice and undertaken many hours of additional training in order to extend my expertise and keep up to date with the constant developments in homeopathy.

What am I paying for? The first appointment is a long one lasting about one and a half hours. Very occasionally I will prescribe a remedy on the spot but usually I go away and study the information from the consultation in depth, then I spend time checking out a number of remedies in detail before deciding on and sending you a remedy which is as close as I can get to the best one for you personally. My fees reflect this time I spend outside of the consultation working on the case.

Follow up appointments last about 30 - 45 minutes and can be anything from three weeks to three months or more apart (although the first follow up is normally about three to four weeks after taking the remedy) depending on the nature of your complaints and how you are responding to treatment. I may repeat or change the remedy at the appointment, or go away and do more work and send you a new remedy to take.

The cost of seeing a homeopath also has to cover the expenses of running the practice such as administration, phone bills, postage, pharmacy bills, equipment, cost of premises plus ongoing training as homeopathic methods are constantly evolving and new remedies are discovered and developed. The result is that only a small part of the fee paid actually goes towards a homeopath's take home pay!

Free phone calls!

I provide free telephone support in between appointments to all patients while they are seeing me on a regular basis so you can ring with questions or concerns or because you need advice. (However if calls become very frequent I reserve the right to make a charge after the first ten minutes.) Sometimes I will ask you to phone me in between appointments so I can monitor your progress and these are usually free.

Pre-arranged appointments by phone or virtually are charged at the standard rate. These are booked in advance as an appointment. The patient rings or joins a Zoom appointment at an agreed date and time for a consultation instead of coming to see me so it is quite clear which is which.

My fees are as follows:

  • First appointment for adults: £90
  • Follow up appointments for adults: £60

  • First appointment for children (in full time education): £80
  • Follow up appointments for children: £50

Prescriptions are normally supplied as part of the cost. The exception is desensitising remedies (which have to be specially ordered) and tinctures, creams and teas which are occasionally advised alongside remedies. Prices on application.

Emergency consultations

Existing patients who are not currently seeing me on a regular basis can ring for an emergency telephone consultation: £30.

Acute consultations for patients who have not previously seen me, including prescription and at least one follow up call if needed: £60.

Prescriptions & cancellations

Repeat prescriptions cost £10 if it is more than a month after the last appointment and no future appointment is booked. Replacement of lost prescriptions: £10.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment please give me at least 48 working hours notice.

Please note that non-attendance, cancellation or rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice are normally charged for at full rate.

Get In Touch

To find out more about Homeopathy and allergy testing, or to make an appointment, you can phone direct on 01392 412767 or 07986 157854. You can also send an email using the contact form below.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential.